Rehan Kausar

rehan kausar


SPC 5.0, LPM, RTE, DevOps, SA, APM, SSM, SASM and POPM & @Scale Agile (designing Platform F2B, Fleet, Squads and Chapters)

Rehan is a Founder and CEO of Agile Advantages LLC, Silver Partners with Scaled Agile, a fast-growing Agile Transformation consultancy.

He has 20+ years of experience in managing large-scale organizational Agile Transformations for Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and others for enterprise business agility. He continues to drive change in operational structures to increase enterprise business agility, efficiency, and performance.

Having always had a passion for education, Rehan sought to share his years of experience with his colleagues and has individually trained over 1000+ professionals including MDs, CTOs, CIOs, and COOs, and.has trained 1000+ professionals including MDs, CTOs, CIOs and COO.

Rehan has a proven track record of working as a CIO. Prior to founding Agile Advantages, Rehan was a part of the Strategy Practice across multiple Big Four consulting firms.

Rehan holds his MBA from Kellogg Northwestern University, and Executive education from MIT Sloan School of Management.