James Ogunyemi

James Ogunyemi, Agile Coach

Agile Coach | VP

SPC 5.0, DevOps, SA, APSM, SSM and POPM

James as a SAFe Program Consultant and Agile Coach, work with organizations to implement SAFe® and promote agility thereby ensuring delivery of products to their customers at the shortest sustainable lead time, with best quality and value to people and society. In this capacity, he provided guidance for SAFe implementation which includes training at all levels of the organization; mentoring during Agile Release Trains launching; and continuous coaching to the entire organization in adopting agile mindset starting from leaders who themselves become lean-agile leaders.

James provided agile coaching to the F500 customers like Bank of America, Anthem, and Kimberly Clark etc.

James attained his Mater in management from the West Virignia University, Virgnia.