Atanu Kumar


Enterprise Agile Coach

SPC 5.0, DevOps, SA, APSM, SSM and POPM

Experience to launch ART with the support of LACE.

Experience for designing a strategy for the organizational adoption of Agile. This includes every stage of adoption, from the introduction of Agile and employee education, to fostering teams and cultures that practice Agile, to sustaining Agile methodologies and continually offering strategies for improvement.

Implement of Agile process, principles and practices across all levels and departments in an organization. Train or source training for teams and participate in initial, critical events like Program Increment (PI) Planning and Inspect and Adapt (I&A).

Work with teams to establish a DevOps culture and mindset, the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, infrastructure, and associated Agile technical practices at Bank of America and other organizations.